The Sun PST MOD Gallery 2
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 AR1765 07-06-13
 AR1765 07-06-13
I See Astrophotography
Pictures taken from my backyard.
 AR1762 02-06-13
Last modification is a change of the Baader 2” 35nm Ha filter. I changed it with the Astronomik 12nm Ha filter what give me some more contrast and usable area. All pictures were made with the DMK31 with a Vixen barlow deluxe 2x attached to it what gave me a F20 area to work with. Photo’s taken above are all stacked in Autostackert2! Each recording was 1000 frames. Stacked the best 50 frames. Registax6 wavelets and CS6 for sharpening and color. The animations were quite a challenge. The intensity of the sunlight sometimes gained with more than 50% from the first recording till the last one which can be seen by the change in color. Also e.g. seeing and clouds, can rather mess up the animation. I tried my best to smoothen the images for a nice looking flow. Each image in the animation is 0.05 sec. The next video is a try out. It’s the gif animation of AR1765 shown above transfered in a MP4 format with a Zoom in and Pan. MP4 formats are smaller and faster to load. I also tried to take out the gradient and gave it another color. Still have to figure out how to get the best out of YouTube... It looks a bit crappy now...